Swinson: Liberal Democrats can win in seats we have never won in before

by samalhamdani on 2 November, 2019

Ahead of joining Sam Gyimah at a campaign event, Liberal Democrat Leader Jo Swinson has declared that the Party can win seats right across the country, some in places that have never been won by the Liberal Democrats before.

In a once in a generation opportunity election, the Liberal Democrats will be taking their message of stopping Brexit and building a brighter future to voters. The Liberal Democrats will be targeting seats right across the UK as the Party takes on both Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour.

Speaking ahead of the weekend, Jo Swinson said: “The Liberal Democrats are fighting this election to stop Brexit and build a brighter future. We have seen thousands of people join our party in the last few weeks, and have added 8 new MPs in the last few months. I have set no limit on my ambition for my party and am excited to take our campaign right across the country over the coming weeks.

“At this election, the Liberal Democrats can win in seats we have never won in before, right across the country. We will transform the electoral map of the country, and give the public the chance to stay in the EU.

“The voters of our country deserve a better choice than Boris Johnson and Jeremy Corbyn, and the Liberal Democrats will provide that.”

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