Councillors’ campaign for clean air in Oldham Borough

by samalhamdani on 2 November, 2019

Children are now often exposed to unsafe levels of pollutants outside of schools at peak times.  Road transport is one of the biggest contributors to pollution in Oldham Borough.  Councillor Diane Williamson wants “No-Vehicle-Idling zones” around schools across the Borough. 

Harmful fumes from cars and buses waiting nearby schools can stunt lung growth and harm child development.  The Liberal Democrat team are bringing this new policy to Oldham Full Council on the 6th November 2019.

Councillor Williamson states: “Only a handful of schools across the country are trialling No Vehicle Idling zones, yet these schemes bring many health benefits.  Not having any measures to prevent air pollution poses a serious threat to the health of young people.” 

Councillor Sam Al-Hamdani, who is supporting the clean air motion criticises widespread inaction on this issue: “The Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan is vague.  So, this Council needs to do more and be proactive on this issue.  Why wait for the full plan, when we can act now?”

The Liberal Democrats want to look at what has been effective in other areas and repeat those same successes. Councillor Williamson wants as many No-Vehicle-Idling Zones, around as many schools in the Borough as possible.

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