Roadworks: weekly update

by samalhamdani on 30 September, 2020

Oldham Road, Springhead (outside numbers 231–235): two-way signals – Wednesday, 7 October (9.30–15.00)

Hartshead Street, Lees (J/O Woodend Street To J/O Rhodes Avenue): multi-way signals – Monday, 28 September to Wednesday, 14 October.

Tottington Avenue, Springhead (full length): resurfacing – Tuesday, 6 October to Monday, 19 October

Thomas Street, Lees (Wild Street to Spring Lane): resurfacing – Wednesday, 7 October to Tuesday, 20 October

Spring Close, Lees (full length): resurfacing – Wednesday, 7 October to Tuesday, 20 October

Radcliffe Street, Springhead (full length): resurfacing – Thursday, 1 October to Wednesday, 14 October

Rhodes Hill, Lees (J/O Rhodes Avenue To Lees New Road): multi-way signals – Thursday, 8 October to Thursday, 15 October

Cooper Street, Springhead (J/O Lower Turf Lane To J/O Walkers Lane): multi-way signals – Wednesday, 23 September to Sunday, 1 November

Rhodes Avenue, Lees (J/O Hartshead Street): multi-way signals – Saturday, 3 October to Thursday, 8 October

South Hill, Springhead (J/O Hartshead Avenue): multi-way signals – Thursday, 1 October to Monday, 5 October

Woodend Street, Springhead (J/O John Booth Street To Hartshead Street): multi-way signals – Friday 25 September to Sunday, 11 October

Old Croft, Springhead (J/O Cooper Street): multi-way signals – Saturday, 10 October to Sunday, 11 October

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