Roadworks: weekly update

by samalhamdani on 28 October, 2020

Oldham Road, Grotton (from the junction with Grotton Hollow to the junction with Station Rd.) Multi-way signals. 30/10/20 (one day). United Utilities works.

Huddersfield Road, Lees (outside no. 651). Stop-go boards (off-peak – 9.30–15.00). 30/10/20 (one day). United Utilities works.

Mayfield Avenue, Springhead (full length). Road closure. 02/11/20–13/11/20. Highway resurfacing.

Booth Street, Lees (outside and opposite 1). Road closure. 02/11/20–04/11/20. United Utilities works.

Den Lane, Springhead. Road closure. 02/11/20 (one day). United Utilities works.

Walkers Lane, Springhead (junction of Cooper Street to Oldham Road). Multi-way signals. 13/10/20–03/11/20. Fibre optic network.

Staley Street, Springhead (j/o Oldham Road). Multi-way signals. 31/10/20–01/11/20. Fibre optic network.

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