Pouring good asphalt after bad

by samalhamdani on 30 October, 2020

Despite nearly 40 potholes in a half mile stretch of Thornley Lane, Grotton, the road won’t be resurfaced until at least 2022, a local Liberal Democrat campaigner has found. 

Mark Kenyon said: “I followed up on a complaint from a local resident, and decided to survey the entire road rather than just report one pothole. I was expecting to find a fair few, but finding nearly 40 in a half mile is astounding. 

“Oldham’s Highways Department told us that they were only able to repair the holes individually and can’t even consider the road for resurfacing until next year with the very earliest it could be resurfaced being 2022. 

He continued: “It turns out that previous councillors didn’t even recommend the road when asked for suitable roads to resurface. It’s frustrating as we’re continually responding to concerns about potholes on Thornley Lane – there’s hardly any good road left in some places, what’s left is a patchwork of potholes and failing repairs.”

 “Potholes don’t just cause burst tyres, they’re a hazard to pedestrians and cyclists and can also result in vehicle collisions – all of which are liabilities our Council can ill-afford.”

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