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Lib Dems say Manchester Airport money must come with green conditions

by samalhamdani on 14 May, 2020

Following reports that Oldham Council is set to borrow in the region of £13 million to contribute to a Greater Manchester scheme to support Manchester Airport, Lib Dem Councillor Sam Al-Hamdani called on the scheme to be balanced by a requirement for the airport to introduce improved green targets. 

Councillor Al-Hamdani said: “Manchester Airport is extremely important for the region in terms of jobs and investment. However, if we are serious about the green targets that Oldham Council – and indeed Councils across Greater Manchester – have set, we must make sure that any investment comes with a green badge.”

Traveller numbers have dropped dramatically, and at the moment, no-one knows quite what long-term impact the coronavirus and lockdown will have on international travel. But whatever the impact, lowering our carbon emissions not just for a few weeks, but in the long-term, must be at the heart of our economic and environmental strategy for the region.

As the first Green New Deal Council, Oldham is aiming to be the greenest council in the region

“If after the lockdown, we return to how things were, this sudden cut in emissions will have almost no impact on runaway climate change. As we respond to the lockdown, we must make sure that we take decisions that make economic sense, but also make environmental sense.”

“If we can tie this money to a requirement for the airport to target lower emissions quicker, we can help protect jobs at the Airport in the current crisis, and improve the environment across the region for years to come.”

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